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Biology & Management of Wheat Pathogens

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Author Srivastava K D
ISBN13 9789380012223
Biology and Management of Wheat Pathogens is a critical and comprehensive compilation on diseases of wheat crop. It provides a detailed account of diagnosis of wheat diseases; nature and extent of damage due to fungi, bacteria, viruses, nematodes and nutritional disorders; epidemiology and ecological factors governing disease development; variability in pathogens and strategic management of wheat health through integration of various approaches. The book comprises 10 chapters. For each disease described, its historical background, symptoms, causal organism, disease cycles, epidemiology, and control measures have been given. It includes a separate chapter devoted to biotechnological approaches for the management of wheat diseases. The book is primarily meant for teaching wheat pathology at post-graduate level. It will also prove to be of immense use to all those working in the area of management of wheat diseases.

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ISBN10 9380012225
ISBN13 9789380012223
Imprint Studium Press (India) Pvt.Ltd.
Publisher Studium Press (India) Pvt.Ltd.
No of pages 284
Binding Hardcover
Copyright Year 2010
Foreword, Preface; Introduction Wheat Classification, Center of origin of wheat, Evolution of wheat, Origin of semi dwarf wheat, Growth habits of wheat, Morphology of wheat plant, Wheat growing zones in India, Production and productivity of wheat, Wheat production technologies, Wheat diseases; Fungal Diseases Rust diseases, New virulence analysis system, Evolution of rust races, Rust epidemic in India, Nature and extent of damage, Life cycle, Perpetuation and dissemination of wheat rusts in India, Approaches to rust management, Stem rust, Leaf rust, Stripe rust, Control measures, Leaf blights and blotches, Spot blotch, Other pathogenic Drechslera apecies, Alternaria leaf blight, Septoria diseases, Fusarium leaf blotch, Diplophospora leaf spot, Chaetomium leaf spot, Phoma glume blotch, Powdery mildew, Seed borne disease, Loose smut, Karnal bunt, Hill bunt, Black point, Downy mildew, Soil borne diseases, Flag smut, Root rots, Foot rot, Take-all disease; Viral Diseases Barley yellow dwarf, Maize streak virus, Eastern wheat strait virus, Wheat spindle streak mosaic, Wheat streak mosaic, Barley mosaic virus, Maize vein enation; Nematode Diseases Ear cockle disease, Cereal cyst nematode; Bacterial Disease Yellow ear rot; Phanerogamic Parasites Orobanche, Striga; Nutritional Disorders Function of essential elements in plants, Nutrient deficiency symptoms, correction of nutrient deficiency; Miscellaneous Leaf and Head Diseases Hybrid necrosis, Brown necrosis, Herbicidal injury, Head scab, Mouldy earhead, Leaf twist; Genomics and Genetic Engineering for The Management of Wheat Diseases Genomics of disease resistance, Mapping wheat genome for resistance, Isolation of disease genes by map-base cloning, Functional genomics approaches, Genetic engineering of Wheat; Integrated Disease Management Components of IPM, IPM module in wheat Index