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Trees in a Changing Environment: Ecophysiology, Adaptation, and Future Survival

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1. Ecophysiology of resource allocation and trade-offs in carbon gain under changing environment; K Hikosaka et al
2. Ecophysiological aspects of phloem transport in trees; T. Hölttä et al
3. Mycorrhizae and global change; M.F. Allen et al
4. Dynamic stomatal changes; H. Kaiser, E. Paoletti
5. The regulation of osmotic potential in trees; A. Merchant
6. Ecophysiology of long-distance water transport in trees; H. Richter, S. Kikuta
7. Forest trees under air pollution as a factor of climate change; R. Matyssek et al
8. Influence of atmospheric and climate change on tree defence chemicals; J.Q.D. Goodger, I.E. Woodrow
9. Control over growth in cold climates; S. Rossi et al
10. Treelines in a changing global environment; G. Wieser et al
11. The future of trees in a changing climate - synopsis; N.E. Grulke, M. Tausz.