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Insect Molecular Biology and Ecology

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Mechanisms of Polyphenism in Insects; Stephen M. Rogers
Toxins, Defensive Compounds and Drugs from Insects; K. Dettner
Insect Bioluminescence in the Post-Molecular Biology Era; Yuichi Oba
A Glance on the Role of miRNAs in Insect Life; Sassan Asgari and Mazhar Hussain
Advances in Insect Physiology and Endocrinology through Genomics and Peptidomics; Ian Orchard and Angela B. Lange
Neuropeptide Signaling and RNA Interference; Klaus H. Hoffmann, Sandy Weidlichand Franziska Wende
Insect Photoperiodism; Shin G. Goto and Hideharu Numata
Insects in Winter: Metabolism and Regulation of Cold Hardiness; Kenneth B.Storey and Janet M. Storey
Evolutionary Ecology of Insect Immunity; Gerrit Joop and Andreas Vilcinskas
The Coleopteran Gut and Targets for Pest Control; Brenda Oppert, Asieh Rasoolizadeh and Dominique Michaud
Trypsin Modulating Oostatic Factor (TMOF) and Insect Biotechnology; Dov Borovsky
RNAi Based Functional Analysis of Biosynthetic Enzymes and Transport Proteins Involved in the Chemical Defense of Juvenile Leaf Beetles; Antje Burse and Wilhelm Boland
Silks from Insects – From Natural Diversities to Technical Applications; M. Neuenfeldt and T. Scheibel