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Ecotoxicology of Explosives

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Introduction, G.I. Sunahara, R.G. Kuperman, G.R. Lotufo, J. Hawari, S. Thiboutot, and G. Ampleman
Fate and Transport of Explosives in the Environment: A Chemist’s View, F. Monteil-Rivera, A. Halasz, C. Groom, J.-S. Zhao, S. Thiboutot, G. Ampleman, and J. Hawari
Effects of Energetic Materials on Soil Organisms, R.G. Kuperman, M. Simini, S. Siciliano, and P. Gong
Aquatic Toxicology of Explosives, M. Nipper, R.S. Carr, and G.R. Lotufo
Fate and Toxicity of Explosives in Sediments, G.R. Lotufo, M. Nipper, R.S. Carr, and J.M. Conder
Bioconcentration, Bioaccumulation, and Biotransformation of Explosives and Related Compounds in Aquatic Organisms, G.R. Lotufo, M.J. Lydy, G.L. Rorrer, O. Cruz-Uribe, and D.P. Cheney
Toxicity of Energetic Compounds to Wildlife Species, M.S. Johnson and C.J. Salice
Genotoxicity of Explosives, L. Inouye, B. Lachance, and P. Gong
Mechanisms of the Mammalian Cell Cytotoxicity of Explosives, N. Cenas, A. Nemeikaite -Ceniene, J. Šarlauskas, Ž. Anusevicius, H. Nivinskas, L. Miseviciene, and A. Maroziene
Bioconcentration, Bioaccumulation, and Biomagnification of Nitroaromatic and Nitramine Explosives in Terrestrial Systems, M.S. Johnson, C.J. Salice, B.E. Sample, and P. Yves Robidoux
Habitat Disturbance at Explosives-Contaminated Ranges, R.A. Efroymson, V. Morrill, V.H. Dale, T.F. Jenkins, and N. Giffen
Ecological Risk Assessment of Soil Contamination with Explosives in North America, R.G. Kuperman, R.T. Checkai, M.S. Johnson, P.Y. Robidoux, B. Lachance, S. Thiboutot, and G. Ampleman
Closing Remarks, G.R. Lotufo, G.I. S. J. Hawari, and R.G. Kuperman