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Soil Quality and Biofuel Production

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Soil Processes and Residue Harvest Management
Jane M.F. Johnson, Sharon K. Papiernik, Maysoon M. Mikha,Kurt A. Spokas, Mark D. Tomer, and Sharon L. Weyers
Soil Quality Impacts of Residue Removal for Biofuel Feedstock
Richard M. Cruse, M.J. Cruse, and D.C. Reicosky
Ecological Consequences of Biofuels
W.E.H. Blum, M.H. Gerzabek, K. Hacklander, R. Horn, F. Reimoser, W. Winiwarter, S. Zechmeister-Boltenstern, and F. Zehetner
Land Use in Production of Raw Materials for Biofuels
Leidivan Almeida Frazao, Karina Cenciani, Marilia Barbosa Chiavegato, Carlos Clemente Cerri, Brigitte Josefine Feigl, and Carlos Eduardo P. Cerri
Corn and Cellulosic Ethanol Problems and Soil Erosion
D. Pimentel
Ethanol Production from Sugarcane and Soil Quality
M.V. Galdos, Carlos Clemente Cerri, M. Bernoux, and Carlos Eduardo P. Cerri
Economic Balance: Competition between Food Production and Biofuels Expansion
Jozsef Popp
Opportunities and Challenges of Biofuel Production
Rattan Lal