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Trees in a Changing Environment: Ecophysiology, Adaptation, and Future Survival

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Author Tausz, Michael. Et.Al
ISBN13 9789401790994
This book delivers current state-of-the-science knowledge of tree ecophysiology, with particular emphasis on adaptation to a novel future physical and chemical environment. Unlike the focus of most books on the topic, this considers air chemistry changes (O3, NOx, and N deposition) in addition to elevated CO2 effects and its secondary effects of elevated temperature. The authors have addressed two systems essential for plant life: water handling capacity from the perspective of water transport; the coupling of xylem and phloem water potential and flow; water and nutrition uptake via likely changes in mycorrhizal relationships; control of water loss via stomata and its retention via cellular regulation; and within plant carbon dynamics from the perspective of environmental limitations to growth, allocation to defences, and changes in partitioning to respiration. The authors offer expert knowledge and insight to develop likely outcomes within the context of many unknowns. We offer this comprehensive analysis of tree responses and their capacity to respond to environmental changes to provide a better insight in understanding likelihood for survival, as well as planning for the future with long-lived, stationary organisms adapted to the past: trees.

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ISBN10 940179099X
ISBN13 9789401790994
Imprint Springer Nature
Publisher Springer Nature
No of pages 287
Binding Hardcover
Copyright Year 2014
1. Ecophysiology of resource allocation and trade-offs in carbon gain under changing environment; K Hikosaka et al
2. Ecophysiological aspects of phloem transport in trees; T. Hölttä et al
3. Mycorrhizae and global change; M.F. Allen et al
4. Dynamic stomatal changes; H. Kaiser, E. Paoletti
5. The regulation of osmotic potential in trees; A. Merchant
6. Ecophysiology of long-distance water transport in trees; H. Richter, S. Kikuta
7. Forest trees under air pollution as a factor of climate change; R. Matyssek et al
8. Influence of atmospheric and climate change on tree defence chemicals; J.Q.D. Goodger, I.E. Woodrow
9. Control over growth in cold climates; S. Rossi et al
10. Treelines in a changing global environment; G. Wieser et al
11. The future of trees in a changing climate - synopsis; N.E. Grulke, M. Tausz.